Shout out to PawPeds Academy

I have absolutely been loving this course. Everyone should take this course!

Pawpeds internet course

This course is designed to educate, and teach you all about cats from getting a cat, to genetics, to health and wellness, and breeding. It’s a wealth of information.

The teachers have been extremely patient, and amazing at teaching us so much, and helping us pick our own brains to figure things out.

So this is my shout out to the PawPeds Academy. I recommend everyone do this course BEFORE they actually start breeding and will consider breeding. I know we sometimes jump into what we love, but as soon as you find out about this course please take it.

This is also for the cat lover, and cat owner in you. You’ll really appreciate this class.

I’m personally not a breeder but have a passion for health and wellness of cats (and really all animals), and I found this course to be the perfect fit for me, to help me decide what I’d like to eventually do in this field.

Be sure to apply early as they have a very long waiting list. Enjoy!

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