Monthly Archives: January 2012

New Raw Goodies for our Kitties!

We got some new raw goodies for our little guys! Our raw goodies are coming from Rodent Pro. They have an awesome sale again so I had to indulge as there were a few items I haven’t tried from them as yet. I wanted to offer large raw whole prey so that they work reallyContinue Reading

Only 10 more days!!

Tux is almost here. Only 10 more days! We’re so excited. We’re ready to receive our little guy and just waiting. We’re trying to figure out who’ll want to ride up to PA with me to get him. It seems that at this point everyone wants to come. I look forward to being at theContinue Reading

Did I Tell You I Love This Guy?

I just had to share this photo. I got my camera back recently. I had left it in Florida and had to have it mailed to me. So now I’m finding all of these amazing photos and want to share this really fabulous picture of Sun Star. It came out so perfect!! I love ourContinue Reading

A Typical Morning

Hi everyone!┬áHope everyone is doing well. Sun star is doing really well since his surgery for his neutering. I’d say the first week they are definitely taking it slow. Now he’s getting back into the swing, climbing, running and acting crazy type of things :) A typical morning for us, is Sun Star getting hisContinue Reading