Mail Order Mice for Our Raw Fed Cat

Our mice just came! We ordered 1000 mice from Rodent Pro. Their service is great, fast, and they’re mice are clean. They’re also freshly euthanized as each order comes in. I was really happy with their service.

Right now they have Dark Mice on sale. Read: “Dark and Hairless Mice Now Available! Dark fuzzy mice on sale now for only $.14 each and dark hopper mice on sale now for only $.19 each while supplies last. This special is available for phone orders only. Please call (812)867-7598 to place your order.They also have 10$ off your order until today only. You can use the coupon code: RP0112 online or over the phone for additional savings. Please note, we’re in no way affiliating with Rodent Pro. We’re just paying good savings forward!

IMPORTANT: Please be careful with the dry ice. Do not touch the ice part of it. I did that by mistake and it burned my hand. Ouch! Be careful.

Below I have a photo of the shipment, and also a video of Sun Star and his dark mouse. He usually eats the white mice but this is the first time he got dark mice. Wonder if there’s a difference/preference?

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