We got a New Scratching Post from Top Cats

Now this is a really nice scratching post. We got a new scratching post today from Top Cats Products. Sun Star was immediately really interested in it.

We got this particular scratching post from Top Cats because we found out about it from the book I was reading called Cat VS Cat by Pamela Johnson-Bennett.  I bought this excellent book through Kindle Amazon online so I could have it as an ebook. We’ll post more about the book in another blog. She recommend this particular brand amongst another one for your cat. After comparing online I decided to buy the Top Cats scratching post.

What I like about this scratching post is the sound it makes. You can really hear it as they put their nails in it. The sisal isn’t so thick, as in thick in increments. The increments are smaller. I like smaller, tighter sisal like this one has. I believe they add catnip into it which is fun. The base with sisal and the tall center piece is with sisal as well. It’s very tall so a large or long cat can stretch really nicely. They can wrap their claws around it in any which way they wanted to. Plus it comes with a cute little ball that sticks to the post which really gets them interested in the post to start with.

I also wanted to point out that a good scratching post and cat tree should have a very sturdy, and strong base. It won’t tip over when your cat is on it, nor will it wobble easily as you move it around. It’s worth it to spend money on something that will last a really long time when it comes to scratching posts, and cat trees.

I also wanted to share that we don’t believe in declawing. Declawing is an irreversible surgical procedure that involves amputating the last joint of the cat’s toes. It’s a very painful procedure.

This is what it looks like, and below this photo is Sun Star meeting his new scratching post.

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