Sun Star’s Surgery

This Monday Sun Star went to get neutered at our vet’s office. We got to Everhart Vet Clinic and I really like Dr. Key. She’s a holistic vet who also practice chinese medicine. Her approach is similar to what I’d compare the approach of a midwife. Never makes you feel rushed, cares and makes you feel relaxed.

I also wanted to recommend that you take advantage of Snap, Inc. It’s a company where you’d buy your spay or neuter certificate from directly for both cats and dogs and take this to your local vet (luckily ours took part in it) that takes part in this program and you pay a lot less for the surgery. I found out about Snap, Inc at Crunchies Natural Pet Food store. They are an amazing store. You must visit them!

I was really stressed and worried about leaving him, and thought about him all day long. He couldn’t eat for over 12 hours so I was worried about how hungry he’d be. They were great about calling right after his surgery to tell me he was doing well. He was dropped off really early in the morning, and I picked him up that evening. They wanted to make sure he was fully awake.

He was kind of quiet on the ride home, and he usually meows a lot. When he got home, he was really happy. I gave him something light to eat, and then had to head back out. When I got back home he nearly rushed me at the door. It was so cute! He was definitely super happy to be back, and he’s been really cuddly every night since.

It’s so funny how he is sometimes. In the day, forget it he won’t be in your lap or on you nor want to be carried much, but at night he just likes to lay all over us or bring me toys to play with. He also likes to sleep in our master bathroom. From what I’ve observed from him it seems to me that he prefers to lay where it’s cool.

Otherwise up until today he seems to be doing well. So far so good!

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