Kitty Litter

One of the many things you’ll have to buy is kitty litter. Kitty litter will be a staple in your home right after your cat’s food.

We only did minimal experimenting with a few kitty litter brands. I really like Exquisite and used to mix pine with the wheat one when we first started. Then sometimes I’d have a hard time finding it, so I picked up some Shweat. I really like Swheat, and you can also get a $1.00 off coupon on their site. It clumps perfectly and we flush it right down the toilet. We fill the litter box with about 3-4 inches of litter, and change and clean it completely every 2 weeks. After the first week you have to add more litter so that it’s deep enough for them.

I did try Feline Pine, as I had a moment there where I thought I could try something else that was more natural and less dusty. Both myself and Sun Star didn’t really like Feline Pine. The way it clumped was like wet saw dust or something. It kind of fell apart and I didn’t really want to bother with it anyhow.

The only con I really have with Shweat is that it’s a bit dusty and I hate that the litter comes out of the litter box onto the floor. It makes a quite a bit of mess. I bought a Scotch Litter Trap Mat, which has helped tremendously. I lay the mat at an angle under our litter boxes so that the longer part of the mat is sticking out from under the litter box to catch the litter our of their paws. We also with a strong, and wide scooper.

The only other litter I’d ever be curious to try is World’s Best Cat Litter. I’ve heard good things but you get to a point where experimenting and spending more money then you need to gets old, and not worth it.

When Tux comes to our home, we’ll be using Scoop Away cat litter for him that we bought at Costco. I thought again about switching to it since it’s right there at Costco and I shop there all the time. But I wanted to again stick with a more natural cat litter so Swheat it is!

When getting a new kitten you have to use the same products that your kitten was used to before he comes to your home and then you can transition them into the products and diet you choose for them. Slowly but surely. You want them to be as comfortable as possible, and get used to you too.

So we really recommend you use a natural cat litter and make sure it unscented. Do not use scented cat litter as that can keep your kitten/cat away from its litter box and can cause accidents elsewhere in your home due to litter box avoidance.

I also found this really neat website that discusses making your own cat litter box, which even in the book Cat Vs. Cat by expert cat behaviorist Pam Johnson-Bennett that I’ve been reading about introducing new cats to each other (and focuses on cat behaviors), where she even mentions that due to several reasons which I’ll blog about soon. Check out this site to see how simple it is to make your own cat litter box: Cat’s Adored.


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