Sun Star’s Day

Sun Star had a pretty relaxing day today. He didn’t really want me to peak at his stitches and got a bit upset about it by trying to bite my hand. He can be sometimey at times. Meaning moody. He’s generally a good boy but when he’s not into something he really isn’t. There are right times with him and wrong times. Mainly most of the time is the right time. He doesn’t particularly like to be held, cuddled, or lay in your lap during the day. At night he really wants to play and be with you or lay on you but mainly when we’re in the bed. Every cat has their own personality and ways.

I love Sun Star exactly the way he is. He’s like me in some ways :)

Today he had 4 mice, half a quail, some beef liver, beef stew, and some chicken neck. He’s ate enough for the day, and still at 3 meals a day. He’s 7 months old now, and 11 lbs. Cats on raw diets do self regulate themselves and will eat what they need. And boy! Does their poop smell a whole lot less. I have given Sun Star can food and when we first gotten him he was given kibble, and you could definitely smell his poop a ways away. All poop stinks but his sure doesn’t smell as bad as it used to when he ate kibble and can food.

He seems to still be doing really well. He’s recovering and healing from his neutering surgery.

He’s ready for action!


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