Tux is coming in 2 weeks!

Our little Tuxie will be coming to live with us in 2 weeks. We’ll be meeting to pick up Tux at the Karousel Kats cat show. I’m pretty excited to meet him and get to check out this cat show. I always love seeing my favorite breeds and meeting breeders. The treat is getting to see some of the most gorgeous cats!

In preparation for getting Tux I’ve had to prepare a few things. First I read through the Cat VS Cat book by Pam Johnson-Bennett. The purpose for me deciding to read this book was that I was trying to find a good book that would explain how to introduce a new kitten into your household and especially when you have another cat. This book helped tremendously. I back this book 100%! Pam is also a cat behavior expert, and her books are extremely easy to read and relate to. I’m reading Think Like a Cat right now. I bought both books from Amazon for my iPad. During this time I also read Raw Fed Cats since I had never initially finished it. Great reminders and helped me learn a few new things about our raw diet for our cats.

Since we already have Sun Star I didn’t really have to get a lot of things, but here’s a page on our blog dedicated to What to Buy to help you get started.

We bought:

  • Scoop Away cat litter from costco. We bought this brand since Tux is used to it and we’ll transition him from this brand to our Shweat litter.
  • Litter box. We bought a new litter box so he could use it for himself. We also got a litter trap mat too.
  • A box combined with a corrugated scratcher that contains a tiny little ball toy. The purpose of the box was that we wanted him to have his own little safe spot that he could hide in and his own scratcher so that it is new and he can put his own scent on it. I’ll be putting one of my t-shirts in the box with him so that he can get used to our scent.
  • Blue Buffalo Wilderness Kitten dry food. Tux is used to this type of dry food so we’l give it to him until we can transition him off dry onto a 100% raw diet.

That’s about it, as I already have two stainless steel bowls that were extra from Sun Star which we’ll use for food and water. Everything else needed we already have such as the cat tree, scratchers and toys.

I think we’re definitely good to go. Now we really hope the transition goes well, and that Tux loves being with us and Sun Star.


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