A Typical Morning

Hi everyone! Hope everyone is doing well.

Sun star is doing really well since his surgery for his neutering. I’d say the first week they are definitely taking it slow. Now he’s getting back into the swing, climbing, running and acting crazy type of things :)

A typical morning for us, is Sun Star getting his 3 mice for early breakfast, along with his Vetri Science Nu-Cat supplement. By the way he eats his vitamin right out of my hand.

I have to get the kids ready for school so I get to that. He’s usually still hungry so I fix him a bowl of meat that contain his 80% raw meat, 10% meaty bones, and 10% organs (5% of that being liver). I try to keep each of his meals as balanced as possible.

Then after that, and he may have leftovers or not, we have our 10-15 minutes of play time. Sometimes I play with him before his second morning meal. This is good for cats as it gets them really ready to eat. Play encourages them to hunt, and play. This exercise wears them a bit out, and it’s like when they’re out hunting in the wild. They catch their prey and then they eat. So I look at it this way. This is a good method to use when you’re ready to head to bed and they’re not. Play with them, feed them, and then you can relax and go to bed. They’ll usually be able to curl up and cuddle with you in your bed. If you don’t do this with them chances are they’ll be bothering you to play with them during the night. Even though Sun Star still does this anyhow! :)

Our favorite toys are Da Bird (everyone MUST have one of these). I bought ours from ebay as they were cheaper and on sale. I did find one at local pet stores as well.

Then once we’re done we relax in our lovely cat tree. Well Sun Star does, I don’t. BUT my younger kids to sometimes climb up into it and sit there too. It’s just that strong. It’s super heavy, extremely sturdy. We love it! We bought ours at Crunchies, natural pet food store. We had to specially order the one we wanted. They have some in stock but they have more available by ordering if you prefer a certain one, and/or certain carpet type.

After play, Sun Star cleans up and relaxes. We get full morning sun on his cat tree. I know he loves that!

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