New Raw Goodies for our Kitties!

We got some new raw goodies for our little guys! Our raw goodies are coming from Rodent Pro. They have an awesome sale again so I had to indulge as there were a few items I haven’t tried from them as yet. I wanted to offer large raw whole prey so that they work really well on Sun Star’s teeth. Plus for introducing raw whole prey to Tux I didn’t have any pinkies on hand. So I got a nice little variety. Make sure you join their mailing list. (I am in no way affiliated with this company or work for them. I am just a happy consumer!)

Here’s what we bought:

100  Mice: Extra Large Adults (XL) $0.45 $45.00
100  Mice: Large Pinkies $0.12 $12.00
5  Rabbits: Medium $6.50 $32.50
10  Quail: 6 Week $1.19 $11.90
20  Rats: Small

Those are the sale prices above as well. Gives you an idea of what we’re paying. We always try to fill up a box because this way you get the best value for the shipping you’ll have to pay.

So just look online on their site, and you can see the regular price and it’s a huge savings! You’ll also save another $10.00 by using the coupon code: RP0212

We’re super happy! We hope our guys love these new meats. Last time we ordered we got the black mice, and it took a day or two to get him to eat them as he seemed to like the white mice better. But now he eats everything. He being Sun Star. We still have 4 days left until we see and meet Tux!

Can’t wait :)


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