Monthly Archives: February 2012

Which Breed and Why Choose a Breeder?

It’s really hard to choose a cat breed and you may ask yourself why not just go to the shelter and adopt? I think either way, they’re both good. They’re both good choices. There are plenty of pets out there that need us too. I personally like going to be breeder because: it can beContinue Reading

My Journey with Pets

I’d like to share a bit more about my journey and how I got here today. I’ve loved animals for as long as I can remember. My first love are horses. I love them, and love to ride. Horse racing is my favorite sport. My favorite breeds are Thoroughbreds, and Arabians. I especially love blackContinue Reading

What’s on Your Menu?

We love to eat!! Absolutely. We share this passion for food with our kitties. I try to get them the absolute best foods for their diet. What they love is 100% raw meat that includes beef, chicken, rabbit, duck, turkey and any other meats we can get hold off. We do a small amount ofContinue Reading

Breeders can be sticky business

First off I want to say I love my kittens and don’t regret my decisions in getting my two boys from whom I got them from. What is meant to be will be, and these boys were meant to be in our lives. Otherwise they wouldn’t be here with us, and I wouldn’t have madeContinue Reading

Tux and Sun Star Just Hanging

Morning everyone! My boys are just hanging out. They’re doing really well today.   Sun Star though found a stash of treats in a bag recently and proceeded to eat a bunch of them, which I found later. What happened was that he threw up a few times, and I wondered why. I thought maybeeContinue Reading