And So They Met

Boy was I ever nervous. Nervous and scared. Now I understand why people recommend you adopt two kittens at a time. It definitely would save the trouble of introducing two cats together at a later time if this were to happen.

Luckily they’re both kittens, but mind you Sun Star is about 8 pounds heavier then 12 week old Tux. At first it was hissing, and swatting mostly from Tux. Sun Star would tap him on his head a few times, and when he lunged at Tux, oh this made me freak out. I didn’t interfere but it got me scared. Tux’s breeder, said for me to calm down and even leave the room if necessary, and just let them work it out. She also said don’t sit there and stare at them. So I did what she said and basically minded my own business, but I stayed in the room and observed from a distance. So they worked it out.

This morning was much better then last night. They aren’t cuddling with each other mind you, but some playing is going on. I still get nervous when Sun Star tackles Tux, but Tux is a strong kind of kitty. Strong jaws (as he’s already broken up a couple of toys), and a firm grip that doesn’t let go. He’s a very confident kitten. They have plenty of room to roam, romp and play.

Judith also told me to place food out for them and that eating together is what helps cats bond. This worked really well too.

So mind you, I did keep Tux separate for a little while but he did cry to be let out of the room when he was secluded. They smelled each other through the door and Sun Star never hissed or got angry about the little kitty paws scratching from under the door.

Cat vs Cat did help me to a degree, and I thought I had it planned and figured out, but in the end the cats worked it out themselves. I have to say that I agree more with the breeder’s suggestions rather then from what I read about in the book. The breeder’s confidence in that gave me the confidence, which in turn gave our kittens the confidence they needed to get to know each other. Sometimes experience is the only way to truly know what to do.

So this is what I’ve learned and what I’d do again if this should apply in the future:

  • Bring your new kitten into your home, and make sure they get to go to their litter box right away.
  • Make sure your sanctuary room is set up. A sanctuary room is where you’d have perhaps a box so the kitten could hide in and rest. Place a t-shirt in there that has your scent on it. (Tux did in fact lay on my shirt to rest on). Have the litter box set up. Have two bowls or 3 bowls ready with food. We had 3 because we used one for his dry kibble, one for water, and the last one for his raw meal. Put some toys in there as well. Possibly even a new scratching post just for kitty. The time was so short that it didn’t make a difference for us to have one or not. Tux didn’t even use it.
  • Close the doors to the room and allow the cats to sniff each other through the door. Our door has a small space on the bottom where paws were exposed occasionally.
  • Give this at least 24 hours. Maybe even 48 hours if you don’t feel ready. You have to be ready, calm and this is a very important factor that his breeder brought up. If you’re not calm and relaxed then your cats won’t be. They feel your stress. So once you’re ready, then let them see each other.
  • The hissing, tapping each other, and moments of anger will last about 2 hours or so. Then it’ll all calm down. If this doesn’t happen then put the new kitten back into the sanctuary room, and try again at a later time.

So now our boys are being pretty decent to each other. I’m happy that this part is over! Phew!!! :)


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