Tux’s Trip to the Vet

Tux went to meet Dr. Key at Everhart vet office this past Monday. She’s an amazing veterinarian who specializes in chinese medicine, and is a holistic vet. She’s extremely supportive of a raw diet, and making sure to give a completely balanced diet. I really adore her. It took us awhile to find her. We went through 2 other vets before giving her a try and as soon as I met her it clicked. She was the right vet. Choosing the right vet is as important to us, as choosing the right doctor for my family. (PS Be sure to join Whole Cat Health. You’ll really love it!)

So he’s doing great and she said everything looks good. He weighs an amazing 4.19 lbs. aawwww :) He’s currently 12 weeks old.

Tux at the vet office.

Sun Star and Tux are doing pretty well. I do believe that Sun Star is jealous, and arguments will break out where Sun Star wants to tackle and overpower Tux. I feel bad but I don’t get involved. I observe and they usually can work it out themselves. Tux is actually pretty strong, and he’s doing a good job dealing with Sun Star. I even see him chase Sun Star down. It’s so cute. I believe it’ll take about a week or so to have them be completely understanding to each other and reach terms. Sun Star was upset as Tux lay near me in the bed, where he usually has his spot. I know Sun Star wants to come lay by me, but doesn’t know what to do about Tux. Right now though, as I type, they’re sleeping near each other. Can’t believe they’re sharing resting space! Take a look.

I got two new jumbo litter trays from Petco (Petco brand) and they’re working great for us. I like open concept litter pans myself, and this one is very deep. I have one filled with our standard Swheat litter, and the other is filled with Scoop Away from Costco. Both boys are using the Scoop Away. Not sure why they’re using the same pan as I expected Sun Star to keep on using the one he normally does, but he’s not. At all. No one is using the second litter pan. Oh okay. So now I have to figure out slowly transitioning them off Scoop Away onto Shweat. I was tempted to stay with Scoop Away as it’s cheaper no doubt, and I get my 2% at Costco on purchases, but it’s not all natural, and I can’t flush it down the toilet. Flushing the litter down the toilet is a HUGE plus for me. I don’t want to put kitty litter with pee and poop in our garbages. Not really. I much rather flush it all away. Plus to be honest Shweat is so much easier to scoop. I feel like scooping Scoop Away requires muscles. It gets stuck to the bottom of the tray, and it’s heavy as heck. So I’ve definitely just convinced myself to stay with Shweat. :)

We’ll be speaking again soon.

PS It’s true, Siberians purr so loudly. Love it!!!!

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