Tux and Sun Star Just Hanging

Morning everyone! My boys are just hanging out. They’re doing really well today.


Sun Star though found a stash of treats in a bag recently and proceeded to eat a bunch of them, which I found later. What happened was that he threw up a few times, and I wondered why. I thought maybee he ate some popcorn bits that the kids had left on the floor, but nope he found these treats and they were spilled over. So he threw up and then he also got some diarrhea. The diarrhea lasted a bit longer then I thought it would. It seems only today things are fully clearing up. He’s not acting much more normal including his appetite.

Tomorrow Sun Star heads to the groomer tomorrow. I just want to have a pretty kitty. Plus his fur just looks like he could use an overall cleaning. His ears are waxy too. He has waxy ears. I have no idea why but he just does. Tux’s ears are not like that at all, but Tux definitely has a stinky butt. lol! I mean it. I don’t know why his bum is stinky but he needs to lick it clear more. I feel like we’re always washing his hind legs or bum cause it’s stinky or get dirty poop on it. Sigh!

But here are the boys having a lick fest.

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