Breeders can be sticky business

First off I want to say I love my kittens and don’t regret my decisions in getting my two boys from whom I got them from. What is meant to be will be, and these boys were meant to be in our lives. Otherwise they wouldn’t be here with us, and I wouldn’t have made an effort to get them as we did. It’s not like they were gotten from around the corner. We made an informed decision, and we’re happy.

But breeders, well it can be a sticky business. One, I’m having trouble understanding, and not feeling hurt about some things I’ve seen, heard from others, and experienced. I might not say things right, or maybe ask things properly, and I can possibly even offend people. Most of this, if this happens, I do without knowing or meaning to. If I meant, heck yeah for sure, you would know. Anyone that knows ME, for who I am, knows that I say what I mean and don’t have any issues about it.

I also don’t feel that being in business and dealing with clients is always easy either. It goes both ways, and it’s a relationship. Yes it’s absolutely a relationship. For example, everyone knows that that teacher you had in school that you liked and had a relationship with, where they actually cared about you, that you did amazing in their class, and you’ve never forgotten them. You’re aim is to make each individual you come in contact with, and potential client feel like you understand them and you build a relationship together, even if it be for a small amount of time in your lifetime. If you don’t have time or the patience for this, then I don’t see how successful you’ll be in the long run. I don’t because I don’t see myself as being successful in my own field without giving my clients my time, and being patient with their questions or concerns which can lead into the hundreds in a day. I also give my clients my understanding, put myself in their shoes, and I believe and trust in them, as I want them to feel towards our business, and services.

First you have to find out is the breeder reputable. Just by talking to them, no you won’t know. I run a full time business, and we send out at least 150 orders a week. I deal with customer service almost 24/7 but I do have to sleep :) I’m an educator in my field and very well known for my work in my industry. I can talk a good talk, but does that alone make you want to purchase something from me? Maybe, but what my clients look at is our fan base, referrals, our reputation online, and our quality of products and service. So it takes a lot more then just me alone.

Cat breeding is a business even if it’s small, a hobby, or larger. You may money off of it, yes people will make money, even if they break even or have a loss they do have to report it as a business, will have taxes to pay to the IRS, and have expenses. Cat breeding may not be my field, but I know business. Even if they have a loss or are not making much of a profit, they’re still taking people’s money and taking money means it’s a business/transaction.

Then you should do your research, use the internet to your advantage. Look up cattery reviews, they’re out there. Such as this page: CFA Cattery Reviews and also this page: Rip Off Report. Also use key words in google search such as the breed you’re looking for and use the words of review, and complaint. Then ask some of their fans and/or friends if you’re able to. Anyone who has issues with you asking about them or even in general terms about good breeders a person might know, shouldn’t be upset by this. When a bride or clients asks me, do I have referrals and can they go ahead and ask our fans, absolutely yes. I have no issues with this. Since I have no issues with this, I feel that any other business owner, supplier, service provider and yes cat breeder would have no issues with a person asking about them or their business. Is it behind their back if you ask in privacy? Absolutely not. You have the right as the consumer to ask as many questions as you’d like, and to whom you’d like. If a person has an issue with that, then something’s wrong and it should bring up a red light.

Same if someone talks badly about other people, including catteries, you should be concerned with how they talk and discuss other catteries, and businesses. A professional business won’t be full of drama, and talk badly about other businesses in their field. When a client calls us and talks to me about customer service or other issues at another company in our field, I just listen, and tell them I hope we can help them to the best of our ability. Sometimes businesses might have had issues with each other, and if they need to clarify what happened then they should explain that to you honestly if you have concerns. Same with the cat breeding industry. I feel it all falls into the same category of service, sales, and customer service.

Does any of this sound more business like, then talking about catteries that love what they do? It might. But even when you are in the field working and doing what you love, it’s still business, and if you want it to grow and be admired you have to be professional and have a certain standard in all aspects of your work. It’s like a breeder shows up to a cat show with dirty cats. No they’re groomed, loved, and well cared for.

There are many guides online and advice on how to purchase with a breeder, and just make as informed a decision as possible. No one wants a sick, unhappy kitten especially after paying so much for them.

Don’t turn your passion and business into a personal issue, and get that all mixed in there. I tell all of our staff that I like them, and I’m their friend, but when it comes to work, I’m the boss, and work is work. Don’t take offense to what may happen in the work environment, as it doesn’t mean I don’t like you. Don’t read between the lines. A business such as a cattery is well loved by the breeder running it. No breeder I’m sure wants someone who can’t assist them run it well the way they want it run, even if it’s their own family that helps them. You also can’t let personal feelings come into the work you do or have that affect your clients.

It doesn’t make any kind of sense to have negative energy surround you, and get yourself all worked up, on something that may have been either miscommunicated or misunderstood, while trying to do something you love which is supposed to give off positivity, and make you, and your client happy (if not even happier once they hug you and cuddle their new baby).

I can just say that I’m not sure what happened but a friend of mine stated it like this: It’s like the battle you never saw coming.

Right now I’m not going to apologize for what I’ve done, asked, or said. I’m not. Neither should any of you. You’re making a very important decision, a large purchase, and adding a family member to your household. You have the right to do what you feel is necessary to make certain of your decision.

I’m happy with my decision. I can’t make people like me or force them to understand me. I am me, and I’m going to stay being who I am. Maybe people presume, I’m some silly immigrant who doesn’t know anything or any better. Maybe people just look at me and presume lots of things. To be honest, people do presume a lot about me when they look at me. They see a young looking, probably arab girl still in school, who covers her hair who must come from an immigrant family. Well sorry to tell you but that isn’t who I am. I’m a young woman born and raised in Canada, who decided to convert to Islam, on my own, at the age of 17. I’m the proud mama of 6 beautiful children. My mother it italian, and my father is guyanese. I’m proud of my roots, and the path my life has lead me to. Everything is meant to be, and it will be as it should be.

Even though I feel hurt inside, I realize that sometimes these things happen to us because we don’t understand them at the time, but down the road, it’s probably in my best interest.

I can tell you this though, this field of work, cat breeding, has really discouraged me, and this field seems to portray a lot of negativity to outsiders and even within their own selves, and makes me wonder how could people love what they do, and be so insensitive, not understanding, and impatient? Raising cats and kittens should heighten these aspects of being human.

Call me naive, and whatever else you’d like to, but I’m going to stay naive, and expect the best from people, and give them the benefit of the doubt. I hope this blog post brings about some positivity, as my intention here is to share, and let people use this information posted here to help them decide on which cattery they’d like to decide on. And I admit it, I’m here to vent a bit. It’s my blog, my space, and this helps me air out.

I think that people reading this should take this post as a post speaking in general terms as a lot of this information is not directed towards 1 single person, but based on experiences, things I’ve been told and heard, and those who have been trying to decide on which breeder to go with. If anyone chooses to take this personally, well that will have to be your own loss, as the bigger picture needs to be looked at here, and reflected on.

I love my boys, and I’m so happy that we got our boys. I’m not going to stop loving cats, and this won’t lessen my interest in learning more.


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