What’s on Your Menu?

We love to eat!! Absolutely. We share this passion for food with our kitties.

I try to get them the absolute best foods for their diet. What they love is 100% raw meat that includes beef, chicken, rabbit, duck, turkey and any other meats we can get hold off. We do a small amount of fish. Right now barely any as I think Sun Star may have an allergy to fish and we’re trying to narrow that down.

The diet should consist of 80% meat, 10% meaty bones, and 10% organ meat with 5% of that being liver. You can also feed your cats whole prey. They can get mice, chicks, quail, rabbit. We don’t grind any of the meats we feed our kitties. They get it chunked. We do have some ground meats and can food as backup. The ground meat comes from Hare Today, and we personally like Tiki can food, and some Weruva cans (but there are a lot with veggies in it). We avoid all grains, and veggies.

What we like and works for us is:

  • Meat: beef chunks and all meaty parts, chicken breast and all meaty parts, rabbit meat, turkey, mice, beef tongue, beef heart, duck heart, chicken heart, chicken gizzard, lamb, lamb heart, deer
  • Meaty Bones: rabbit, chicken wings, quail, chicken back, mice, chicken necks
  • Organs: beef heart, chicken heart, duck heart, chicken liver, beef liver, rabbit organs, mice, beef kidney, lamb liver, lamb kidney, lamb heart, deer heart, deer liver, deer kidney

Tools we like to use: cutting board, and kitchen shears by Cutco. I rarely have to use a knife as the shears work perfectly. It’s not like we need huge chunks for them and the shears can cut up the meat according to the size I need as well as the bones. The bones in everything I’ve listed cuts easily with the shears as well.

I also portion our meats out as I buy in bulk, and wrap them each individually in saran wrap. It’s easier for me to take out individually portions this way and feed it for 2-3 days. For example I have beef hearts and I cut them up into a good sized chunks and then wrap that up in saran wrap and then place into a large freezer bag. I then mark it and date it. I’ll be able to open it up and take a portion out as needed. I do this for most of all our other meats, meaty bones and organs.

I don’t re-use freezer bags. I just don’t feel comfortable doing so. When I take out a portion I place it into a plastic container. You can leave it open to let the oxygen get to it and this causes less bacteria to reach the meat as well.

We also believe that supplements are good to use. Not every raw feeding pet owner doesn’t believe in them but I feel that it’s better safe then sorry especially when it comes to calcium intake, and taurine. We use VetriScience Nu-Cat tablets and out kitties eat them right out of our hand. We also give krill oil from the Now brand which we got from Amazon.com. We’ve tried Iceland’s Pure as well but our kittens just didn’t like the salmon oil nor the sardine/anchovy one. So right now we’re open to try and settle on fish oils but we’re still figuring out which one works best for us. Someone mentioned this one on one of the raw feeding groups: Sockeye Salmon Oil.

Until tomorrow! I’ll post some links of some great raw feeding sites soon! :)



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