Which Breed and Why Choose a Breeder?

It’s really hard to choose a cat breed and you may ask yourself why not just go to the shelter and adopt? I think either way, they’re both good. They’re both good choices. There are plenty of pets out there that need us too. I personally like going to be breeder because:

  • it can be cheaper then buying a pet out of a pet store
  • you create a relationship with that breeder. It just doesn’t end at the transaction
  • you get to meet them at their home
  • you get to see how the cats are raised
  • you create a stronger trust by meeting them one on one, and make a more informed decision

Sometimes when you visit a pet store or shelter you may make a quick decision and buy/adopt too quickly. With a breeder you do hesitate a bit because you’re going to spend a larger amount of money.

What I look for in breeders:

  • they communicate well
  • take great photos and videos of your kitten to be and share them with you
  • clean home and cattery
  • don’t smoke. I prefer my pets to come from smoke free homes
  • share as much of their knowledge with you as they can
  • they are honest, have referrals and a good reputation
  • they show their cats, and take part in the community of their breed
  • they’re ethical, and don’t change once money exchanges hands.
  • they practice a raw diet, and holistic care to the best of their ability

This is ideal to me, but isn’t always 100% possible to find. You have to figure out how to narrow it down, and put the most important things to you on your list.

Here are some sites I thought were interesting and helpful. I don’t always find them to be 100% accurate, but you can take the good from it and leave the rest that you don’t necessarily agree with.

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