Raw Fed Cat Breeders

Hi everyone! I hope everyone’s well.

Tux has been feeling better. He had a little cold where he occasionally sneezed, and had little boogers in his eyes, but the eye drops have really helped. His vet told us to use the eye drops for about a week.

I started a Facebook page, a new one! It’s about and mainly for Raw Fed Cat Breeders. Please head there if you’re interested in taking part. Raw Fed Cat Breeders

We’re going to compile a list of all raw fed cat breeders who do 100% raw diet. Not 50/50 but a full out 100%. Because yes it can be done! It should be done and there are breeders and pet lovers who do it. With a  great diet, we have the cream of the crop and healthiest pets out there.

I’ll make a document (like a PDF so you can open and take a look at) once I have a few ready to go on the list and post all of that information as I put everything into the Raw Food Diet section of A Kitten’s Journey and on the Facebook page.

It’s both funny, and really sad that people and sometimes even breeders specifically could make it or break it for you. Meaning, you could be really passionate about a particular breed and be super excited, and someone could just bring all of that down. A situation could happen, and what if it doesn’t get resolved? Sometimes you just have to remove yourself from that, and call it a sign from above, and then just move on. Everything happens for a reason :)

I love breeders and if like our readers here you’re looking for a high quality, purebred, with fine lineage, and is on an amazing healthy natural diet and and cared for holistically (naturally as best as possible). But to be honest I’m looking for a relationship and beyond the adoption process. Is that too much to ask? No I think not at all. You should be able to continue your communication and talk to the breeder whenever you’d like to, and of course at both of your conveniences. The breeder would love to hear about their kitten, and how they’re doing to. I know I would.

Every breeder is different, and unique in their own way. We’re all individuals. Just take your time, and make the decision fully to be sure. Ask questions, and go with your heart. Listen to the vibe. Find breeders who are positive, and not someone who’s negative. Try your best to investigate further into who they are. But if you really don’t care, then that’s okay too. Visit them if you can, and check the internet out for previous buyers, or any complaints and address those right away. Just go with your heart and what works best for you. But make sure you know what YOU want out of adopting a purebred kitten or cat.

I’m really excited to have met some raw fed breeders online, and I’m so excited that I’m going to create interviews and introductions about each of them. I hope this also brings about more awareness about dry food, and how it’s not your pets best choice for a healthy diet no matter how natural they say it is. Nothing beats a raw diet!

We all love our pets, and every little bit of support helps us educate others who’d love to learn more, and hopefully want to switch their pet off a commercial diet of kibble. So get on the net and get started!


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