Tux is 1 Year Old! How Time Flies

My cuddly, soft, furry, silky, thick Tux, the gorgeous black and white Siberian has turned 1 year old. I can’t believe how time has flown by.

Life has been really hectic over here. We added two puppies to our ever growing family, making that now 10 children, and 2 adults. Yes our pets are our children, lol !!

They are all 100% raw fed and doing great. We’re working on training the puppies, and it’s a lot of work, but we’re so happy. We couldn’t have asked for better pets. They are all so amazing, and just really good.

But this is Tux’s day! I need to stop blabbing.

Tux doesn’t head bump me yet, like Sun Star does, but he actually will jump and sit on me, unlike Sun Star. So they are my ying and my yang of cats for sure. Tux loves red meat, and is a great easter. I need to weigh him as I really wonder what he weighs. Oh let’s go check!! Okay he was great (yes he just let me take him to get weighed)! He was sleeping on the chair, let me pick him up, and then I placed him on the digital shipping scale we have here for Henna Sooq, and weighed him as he lay on it, and then brought him back to his chair, back to relax. He went back to his business of snoozing :)

Anyhoo!! He weighs 14 pounds! Holy Moly!! I knew he was big and thick but he’s really hefty. I wonder how normal that is. He can’t be overweight, as he only eats but twice a day and his portions are just the same as Sun Star, and I’m pretty sure Sun Star is not as heavy as Tux. He’s a big strong dude!!!

He loves to jump, for sure! He’s really good jumping in the air and catching things. He’s still pretty active, and loves his Da Bird toy.

So Tux here’s to your first year!! We love you so much!

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