Sun Star and His Gift to Me

Just happened: So I realize the garage door was left open and more then likely Sun Star our maine coon cat, probably got out. So I’m mad because I really don’t want the cats outside.
I’m like a mom who freaks out about any possibility happening to them.
I proceed to get myself dressed, grab the treats (everyone, always have treats in your house!), and then head outside, and it’s dark too…so I’m wondering how the heck am I going to find this cat tonight? We also back to a forest…wonderful.

Anyhow it was the most amazing thing ever, one of the most heartfelt pet-owner experiences to happen to me.

I’m like Sun Star…kissy noises and all, and down the street, at the end from like one end to the other where we are, I see this body moving. Is that a cat?

Lo and behold he comes running down the street towards me. Right down the middle of the street (please no cars come, I tell myself) and we have this moment of reunion, and I’m awed because he ran to me like this, and came right back.
He’s such a good boy! I can’t believe that he came back running towards me and cut his adventures short.

That was so cool!! Has that ever happened to you with your cat?

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