Henna Sooq: Professional Henna Body Art and Natural Hair Care

Hey everyone! I just wanted to share a bit about ourselves.

Myself, Khadija and my husband Jamal married in Montreal in 1998. He’s a native New Yorker and I’m a native Montrealer. That’s when I moved to the USA to be with Jamal (when we got married). We’ve lived both in the USA in various states (Connecticut, New York, and Maryland) and in Canada (Montreal and Toronto) for awhile as well.

We have 6 beautiful children and during that time I decided I wanted to work for myself and started Henna Sooq and this was in 2005. I then grew my small business from home into what it is today with over 10,000 clients, and currently over 3,600 fans on our facebook fan page.

I have loved henna for many years and am an expert in my field of henna body art, and ayurvedic natural hair care. We even hand make some of our products.

You’ll find us at various hair shows specializing in natural hair care, and we also run our own henna body art conference called Henna Chai.

Should you ever have a hair care question or about henna, please let me know anytime at khadija@hennasooq.com

Join us!

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