When Walking a Cat Show

I really enjoy walking cat shows. There’s so much to see and so much to learn.

Here are some of the things I like to do when I go to cat shows:

  • First off you’ll have to get the list of cat shows. View TICA and view CFA for their schedule and shows near you
  • Walk around and view all the cats and meet the breeders
  • See how the breeders are and what their personalities are like
  • I look for breeders who are willing to share openly and are generous with their information
  • Go with what your gut and heart to get an idea about someone you’re unsure of
  • Don’t tell them you’re looking to buy as that could change either in a good way or not so good way. You want them to be themselves and not trying to sell to you
  • I look at the kitty litter. What kind are they using? Is it more natural or not?
  • Do they have their own show shelter?
  • Sit in the judges ring and learn as much as you can from judges who take judging as a teaching session
  • Observe which cats are doing very well
  • Learn the standards
  • Get to know judges, regional director and organizers
  • Find a few breeders you really connect with. They’re there :)
  • Do they allow you to pet their cat or kittens?
  • Buy new toys for my cats!
  • Just enjoy yourself. Go to these shows with an open mind and heart and find the right people and cats that fit you and your lifestyle
Most of all have FUN!
What do you like to do or see at cat shows? Do you always go see your favorite breed?
Bring your kids! They might come back as Grand Supreme Champions

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