Cats and Their Fetishes

Yes oh yes, cats have fetishes and obsessions and it’s starts from when they are itty bitty little kittens.

Cats love boxes, bags, and eating or chewing on all sorts of weird things.

Each of our boys has their own “thing”. Tux, our Siberian, loves to chew and shred paper, sometimes even cardboard boxes. Keep all paper away from this guy cause once he gets going, there’s shredded paper everywhere!

Sun Star loves to chew on a particular type of plastic bag. He likes the bags that are a thicker, stiffer plastic and he will nibble and chew the bag making a whole bunch of holes.

Thank goodness none of them eats any of this. We all need to make sure what our cats and kittens are doing is safe. Safety first :)

Both boys love when the orders from Hare Today come in. They can smell the fresh meats, and are all over the boxes. Inside and sitting peeking at the edges.

What crazy silly fetishes does your cat/kitten have? Do any of them eat your hair? Do they lick certain things obsessively? Do they nibble your toes?

Sun Star in a long box

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