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Raw Fed Cat Breeders

Hi everyone! I hope everyone’s well. Tux has been feeling better. He had a little cold where he occasionally sneezed, and had little boogers in his eyes, but the eye drops have really helped. His vet told us to use the eye drops for about a week. I started a Facebook page, a new one!Continue Reading

What’s on Your Menu?

We love to eat!! Absolutely. We share this passion for food with our kitties. I try to get them the absolute best foods for their diet. What they love is 100% raw meat that includes beef, chicken, rabbit, duck, turkey and any other meats we can get hold off. We do a small amount ofContinue Reading

New Raw Goodies for our Kitties!

We got some new raw goodies for our little guys! Our raw goodies are coming from Rodent Pro. They have an awesome sale again so I had to indulge as there were a few items I haven’t tried from them as yet. I wanted to offer large raw whole prey so that they work reallyContinue Reading

Tux Having a Breakfast with His Kitty Family

We’re always being shared some amazing photos of Tux’s family of kitties. Today we get a treat seeing Tux have his breakfast with his buddies. You see him there licking his little chops? aaawww :)  Continue Reading

Mail Order Mice for Our Raw Fed Cat

Our mice just came! We ordered 1000 mice from Rodent Pro. Their service is great, fast, and they’re mice are clean. They’re also freshly euthanized as each order comes in. I was really happy with their service. Right now they have Dark Mice on sale. Read: “Dark and Hairless Mice Now Available! Dark fuzzy miceContinue Reading