Sun Star

Sun Star was born on June 7, 2011. He's a gorgeous red classic with white Maine Coon from Reigning Cats Cattery here in Maryland. He was such a tiny little kitty when we got him. There were only 3 kittens left to choose from, all boys. Two red classics and 1 cream. The kids chose tiny little Sun Star. They also picked out his name. We can't believe just how tiny he was!

Sun Star was very easy to transition from kibble to a 100% raw diet. He's such a fun little boy with tons of toys. He's really quite spoiled. He enjoys cuddling and laying on us in our bed at night, and wakes us up at night to play. He runs around the house like a puppy at play. Anywhere we're at he likes to be nearby, sitting in one of his favorite spots. He's our boy!

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Sun Star and His Gift to Me

Just happened: So I realize the garage door was left open and more then likely Sun Star our maine coon cat, probably got out. So I’m mad because I really don’t want the cats outside. I’m like a mom who freaks out about any possibility happening to them. I proceed to get myself dressed, grabContinue Reading

Sun Star Trying to Attack Me

Silly boy! He was having a super playful morning today. He gets these bolts of energy and runs and slips and slides all over the house. What a cutie. That’s my boy! Reading

Did I Tell You I Love This Guy?

I just had to share this photo. I got my camera back recently. I had left it in Florida and had to have it mailed to me. So now I’m finding all of these amazing photos and want to share this really fabulous picture of Sun Star. It came out so perfect!! I love ourContinue Reading

A Typical Morning

Hi everyone! Hope everyone is doing well. Sun star is doing really well since his surgery for his neutering. I’d say the first week they are definitely taking it slow. Now he’s getting back into the swing, climbing, running and acting crazy type of things :) A typical morning for us, is Sun Star getting hisContinue Reading

All Work and No Play?!

Sun Star is clearly telling me to take a break, relax, and just lay out. On top of my messy pile of papers Sun Star lays as happy as a kitty can get. He’s been loving sitting next to me lately as I work, right on my desk. What a cutie pie! I love myContinue Reading