Tux was born on November 13, 2011.

He's a gorgeous bi-color black and white Siberian from (breeder removed as we didn't have a good experience with them nor want to recommend them) in Georgia.

He'll be our second kitten, and we're set to bring him home on February 4th. We're very excited to meet him and hope Sun Star and Tux will like each other.

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Tux is 1 Year Old! How Time Flies

My cuddly, soft, furry, silky, thick Tux, the gorgeous black and white Siberian has turned 1 year old. I can’t believe how time has flown by. Life has been really hectic over here. We added two puppies to our ever growing family, making that now 10 children, and 2 adults. Yes our pets are ourContinue Reading

Tux Finally Home!!

Our baby boy is finally home. You should have seen him when he found Tux and looked at him in his display (we went to the Karousel Kat show in Reading, PA), he was looking at us playfully upside down. My heart did a pitter patter, and I knew I’d found the one! He isContinue Reading

Thanks Tiffany!

Tiffany went to pick up her two new cats a few days ago, I believe. When she went she got to see Tux. Her husband took this cute photo of Tux and want to thank her for sharing! Tux and Pavel are brothers and they both have a little “booger” of fur on their noses.Continue Reading

Only 10 more days!!

Tux is almost here. Only 10 more days! We’re so excited. We’re ready to receive our little guy and just waiting. We’re trying to figure out who’ll want to ride up to PA with me to get him. It seems that at this point everyone wants to come. I look forward to being at theContinue Reading

Tux is coming in 2 weeks!

Our little Tuxie will be coming to live with us in 2 weeks. We’ll be meeting to pick up Tux at the Karousel Kats cat show. I’m pretty excited to meet him and get to check out this cat show. I always love seeing my favorite breeds and meeting breeders. The treat is getting to seeContinue Reading