Our Cat Humans

We’re the Pender-Carryl Family! Welcome to A Kitten’s Journey.

We began this blog to share our journey with our kittens into cat adulthood. We’ve learned so much and we can’t wait to share this journey with you!
This blog also brings us together as a family where we all participate in writing on our blog, taking photos and creating videos.

There is mom and dad, Khadija and Jamal, and the 6 awesome Pender kids! Isa, Ali, Mariyah, Abdullah, Adeeb and Matinah.

Thank you for stopping by!

(mom was busy taking the photo)

We would also like to say that for our blog, this is a personal family blog and all the opinions here are our own. We also reserve the right to choose who external links and content we add and allow on our blog: A Kitten’s Journey .com. We don’t allow advertising and any self promotion by others, and those posts and comments will be deleted. Thank you for understanding.